A Day of Custom Tailor Fittings in Hoi An

Thursday August 3, 2017

After our early day yesterday, we decided to treat ourselves and not set an alarm this morning. We slept in and made it down to breakfast just after 9am. I had a bowl of beef pho soup and an iced coffee, both good. 

It’s nice when your coffee is as happy to see you as you are to see it

Today was already our last day in Hoi An and we spent it going back and forth between fittings for the clothes we had custom made. We took a taxi from our homestay to Luna’s at 10:30am, where we stayed until just after 12pm. We were all pleasantly surprised with the alterations Luna made to the dresses we had ordered. A couple of them had looked rather unflattering yesterday, so we had left her shop feeling a little bit nervous. 

Jumpsuit I had made at Luna’s

I liked a long, maroon evening dress Pauline had made so much that I ordered the same for 950,000 VND ($52.67). As we had to return later in the day for another fitting, Luna said she could have it made ‘no problem’. 

After leaving Luna’s, we walked through the midday heat to Kimmy’s for our 1pm fitting. I loved the suit jacket, but the rest of the clothes I had made needed some adjustments. 

The suit I had made at Kimmy’s

Just around the corner from Kimmy’s was Banh Mi Queen, a restaurant our guide Nancy had recommended yesterday as the best place in Hoi An for Banh Mi. Hungry after our fittings, we found ourselves there around 2pm. There were two banh mis on the menu and we each ordered a ‘Mixed’, with cilantro, cucumber, carrot, papaya, pork, ham, fried egg, pate, and egg sauce for 20,000 VND ($1.11). This banh mi blew the one we had in Hanoi out of the water. The bread was thicker, fluffier on the inside, and crispier on the outside. There were more fillings and each one packed so much flavour and worked with the others incredibly well. It was the best banh mi and probably one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had. Together with a soda, our lunch bill came to 35,000 VND ($1.94) each. Banh Mi Queen is definitely worthy of her name!

We decided to take another one of Nancy’s recommendations and walked through Old Town to Cocobox Café. The interior was decorated in a retro style with tons of plants and cute seating options. We got coconut iced coffees and sat down to take a moment to just relax and enjoy ourselves. 

After an hour or so, we migrated over to Hoi An Roastery, another one of Nancy’s recommendations. We ordered more iced coffees, for comparison purposes of course, but found them to be a little on the watery side. Our favourites are still the ones we got yesterday at Hoa Champa Cafe & Tea Market. They were strong and had great flavour. Good thing as that is where I bought beans from!

As we had a bit of extra time before our third round of fittings, we went on a hunt for a suitcase. Having all had multiple items made at both Kimmy’s and Luna’s in addition to purchasing several bags of coffee, we had far exceeded the capacity of our carry-on backpacks. Nancy told us that she would not pay more than 600,000 VND ($33.33) for a large suitcase. We perused several shops asking anywhere between 1,400,000-2,000,000 VND. In the end we bought one for 750,000 VND ($41.67) that we managed to bargain down from 1,900,000 VND ($105.56) – not bad. 

At 5:30pm we were back at Kimmy’s for our final fittings. My suit blazer, skirt, and pants were all perfect, but the three shirts needed some adjustments. The shirts were whisked away and returned with the adjustments made in less than an hour. Although I paid a good amount of money at Kimmy’s, the quality and service were both very good. The ladies were very willing to fine tune the items until they were perfect, and the finished products looked great. 

Shirt and skirt I had made at Kimmy’s, as well as the lady who helped me

Finishing at Kimmy’s just before 7pm, we jumped in a taxi and went straight to Luna’s. 

One of the dresses I had made at Luna’s

All of the requested adjustments were made and everyone was happy with their items. The frill on the evening gown I had made today needed to be shortened, so it will be done tonight and delivered to our homestay early tomorrow morning. 

Saying bye to Luna!

At Kimmy’s I spent 6,840,000 VND ($380) for a suit blazer, trousers, skirt and three shirts. At Luna’s I spent 4,900,000 VND ($272.22) for a suit blazer and trousers, a long evening dress, two knee length formal dresses, a long summer dress, an off the shoulder dress two rompers, and a jumpsuit. Although I spent significantly more for each item at Kimmy’s, I have to say there was a noticeable difference in quality. The material felt nicer and the lines looked cleaner. As I could not have afforded to have had all those items made at Kimmy’s, it was fun to have had clothes made on either end of the spectrum. I’m relieved to say I don’t regret having spent more at Kimmy’s either! We were initially worried we had been ripped off, but as the quality matches the price, we will all be sleeping a little easier tonight. 

The suit I had made at Luna’s

Too tired from walking back and forth and trying clothes on all day, we got take out food from a busy street vendor and took a taxi back to our homestay to eat it. 


950,000 VND ($52.78) – dress at Luna’s

35,000 VND ($1.94) – lunch

45,000 VND ($2.50) – coffee

15,000 VND ($0.83) – rambutan 

187,500 VND ($10.42) – my share of suitcase

3,340,000 VND ($185.56) – remainder of bill at Kimmy’s

10,000 VND ($0.56) – dinner
Total = 4,582,500 VND ($254.59)

Running total = $2106.56


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