LXFactory, Castle & Seafood Dinner

Saturday October 27th After our late night out last night we let ourselves sleep in until around 10am today. After falling in love with it yesterday, we went back to Basilio for brunch. I got a flower power bowl with sautéed chickpeas, quinoa, pink hummus, spinach, avocado, sweet cucumber and salty turmeric granola, as well… Continue reading LXFactory, Castle & Seafood Dinner

Belém Tarts & Tower

Friday October 26th We had arranged an airport transfer for 645am that arrived on time to take us to the airport. We caught our 820am flight to Lisbon with no problems and were fed sandwiches and cookies on board… a little disappointed not to get an egg tart as with our last flight. After resting… Continue reading Belém Tarts & Tower

Wine Tour, Nature Walk, Botanical Garden & Seafood Rooftop Dinner

Thursday October 25th We slept in until 9, feeling refreshed after last night. For breakfast, we cut up pineapple, fried some eggs, and had leftover charcuterie from dinner last night. It was a great way to use up leftovers and feel like we were having a bit of an extravagant breakfast. We had booked a… Continue reading Wine Tour, Nature Walk, Botanical Garden & Seafood Rooftop Dinner

Natural Pools at Porto Moniz

Wednesday October 24th With another tour booked to check out the west coast of Madeira, we got up around 8am for another breakfast with the famous local Madeira eggs. I made an omelette with leftover spinach and quinoa from dinner last night and we had passion fruit and bananas. Picked up just after 9am, our… Continue reading Natural Pools at Porto Moniz

Biking the Beaches of Lagos

Saturday October 20th Our alarms went off at 8:30am and although we all could have kept sleeping, we dragged ourselves out of bed to make the most of the day. We fried eggs and toast with butter and enjoyed our breakfast with slices of watermelon out on our balcony in the sun. It was wonderful… Continue reading Biking the Beaches of Lagos

Our Last/ My favourite Day in Bali!

Sunday August 13th, 2017 Oh. My. G. I cannot believe it is already our last day in Bali… We woke up around 8am to have breakfast and get ready, as we had arranged to be picked up at 9am for a full day tour. For 450,000 IDR ($45), we would be taken to seven sites… Continue reading Our Last/ My favourite Day in Bali!